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DDA Meetings

The City of Ringgold Downtown Development Authority meets at 5:30 on the 3rd Monday of each month.  The meeting is held in City Hall. 
The Ringgold DDA is a proud member of the Georgia Main Street Program.

DDA Main Street Start Up Program of Work 2014

Objective A: Downtown Revitalizations begins with a core group of champions. Communities that create a systematic approach to strong program management are focused on their strategic goals of downtown development

·         Goal 1:  Have a Local government that is well informed about what “Main Street” is and how it works. 

·         Goal 2: Have a Main Street Start-Up Program Manager that understands the program, the Start-Up process, is accessible to DCA staff, is knowledgeable about the Main Street area, and promotes the program throughout the local community. 

·         Goal 3: Appoint a working board of directors for the Main Street Program.

Objective B: Successful programs understand the principles of Main Street and are able to effectively communicate to the local community.


·         Goal 4: Adopt meaningful and effective vision and mission statements for the organization. 

·         Goal 5: Host a community town hall meeting to help develop the vision for Main Street and to plan for the future.

Objective C: The local program will strive t learn more about Main Street through networking, participating in workshops and conferences, and disseminating information to local government, board members, residents and businesses.

·         Goal 6: Join the National Main Street Center 

·         Goal 7: The Main Street Start-Up Program will participate in mandatory training offered by the DCA 

·         Goal 8: Join the Start-Up Manager’s Facebook Group Page provided by the DCA

Objective D: The Start-Up Community should possess and promote a historic preservation ethic.

·         Goal 9: Create a meaningful preservation statement that can be executed through the work of the organization.

Objective E: The Start-Up Community should prepare for the first year of accreditation as an official Georgia Main-Street City.

·         Goal 10: Develop a plan of action for the Organization for 2015

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