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Ringgold is Open for Business!

We are proud to have you in our City as a new Business Owner.  Please review the following information to help answer some of the basic questions about opening a new business.

Below, we explain some of the services that the City will provide to you as a business person, zoning information, occupational tax application, water deposit application and a list of newcomer information and phone numbers.

Listed below are instructions and brief information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 706-935-3061.

Northwest Georgia Joint-Development Authority's helpful guide to
"Starting and Growing a Business in Northwest Georgia"
The University of Georgia's Small Business Development Center's
Call the SBDC for more information at 706-622-2006

To help you calculate the cost of doing business in the City of Ringgold, we have compiled a list of fees & charges to help you stay up-to-date on making sure you operate an approved commercial establishment.

Check out some of the commercial properties available in Ringgold!

OCCUPATIONAL TAX:  Each business that is located inside the City Limits or that is going to be working inside the City Limits of Ringgold is required to pay an Occupational Tax to the City.  If you operate a restaurant or lunch truck/shaved ice truck, you must have a health inspection certificate from the health inspector and provide adequate grease trap approved by the City.  In addition, if you plan on selling malt beverages, wine, or liquor by the drink, you will need to come to City Hall for more information and a copy of the ordinances.

SIGN PERMIT AND ORDINANCE:  There is a fee for each sign being placed on the property.  All signs (including window displays or any other visible advertisements etc.) must be approved by the City prior  to their installation.  Please review our current sign and permit ordinance to get the most up-to-date regulations.

ZONING INFORMATION:  Once you have determined the area in which you would like to locate your business, you should check with City Hall regarding the zoning of the property to ensure that your business will be permitted in that particular zoning district.  If you would like to request a variance for conditional uses, you will need to complete a request form at City Hall.  There is a fee for submitting your request to be heard in front of the Ringgold Planning and Zoning Commission.

WATER DEPOSIT APPLICATION:  This is required for billing information. There is a $100 deposit fee for new and existing water meters. Call (706)-935-3061 or visit City Hall for more information.

CONSTRUCTION SITES:  You will need to check with City Hall before any work can start on new construction or remodeling  of any structure within the City limits of Ringgold.

Before digging any holes or ditches, please call in a location at

FORMS:  All forms and applications can be viewed and downloaded off of the City's web page at our online forms page.

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