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Catoosa County Emergency Alert Program

CLICK HERE to get alerted about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for Catoosa County Emergency Alert Program. This system enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods.

You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how.
Extreme Drought, Please Help Prevent Wildfires!

Causes of Wildfires

A number of sources can cause wildfires, but humans are by far the largest contributing factor. Natural wildfires typically occur during times of drought combined with lightning strikes that ignite dry grass or brush, but this scenario accounts for less than 10% of all wildfires. The remaining wildfires in the United States are due to some form of human contribution. Below are just some of the ways humans can cause devastating wildfires.


Improperly doused or misplaced fires are one of the leading causes of wildfires. Before starting a fire, make sure you check your area’s wildfire alert system to make sure conditions are safe for an open flame. Do not make excessively large fires as these can quickly get out of control (3 ft. wide is the max). Campfires should be surrounded by rocks or stones and be located a minimum of 10 ft away from any potential combustibles. Make sure to only burn firewood and nothing else. Also, keep a shovel and supply of water to quickly put out the fire should the situation arise. Completely extinguish a fire with sufficient dousing and covering with dirt before leaving the campsite.


Every year inappropriately used fireworks cause wildfires. Before using any type of firework, make sure they are legal to use since fireworks laws vary greatly by state and county. It is important to note that it is illegal to use fireworks in forested areas. Only use fireworks on flat surfaces and in areas without any dry grass or trees. Make sure to keep a bucket of water to extinguish all fireworks thoroughly after they are used.

Yard Waste Burning

Burning yard waste is a common practice throughout the country for removing unwanted yard trimmings or leaves and is often an easier solution than bagging and hauling the waste off to the landfill. The danger with burning yard waste comes from winds, which can easily blow burning yard waste and embers far away and easily ignite combustible vegetation. Before burning any yard waste, it is important to check with your local municipality since many have regulations regarding yard waste. In addition, it is best to burn in small batches since they are much easier to control if something should happen. Make sure to never burn in high wind or leave a pile unattended.


To prevent cigarettes from starting wildfires, always dispose of them in places where they cannot be a source of ignition. Placing a cigarette in a cup of water after use is a great way to prevent them from causing fires. Ashtrays work well too, but make sure they are contained and that the still-lit butt cannot blow towards a potential source of ignition. Never simply discard a cigarette on the ground or throw it out a car window.


Regardless of what type of vehicles you use, it is important to be mindful of the role vehicles can play in starting wildfires. Never park any type of vehicle on dry vegetation; the heat from the exhaust can cause it to ignite. Also, make sure any off-road vehicle you use has a working spark arrester as improper ones can cause dry vegetation ignitions.

Preventing Wildfires

Every year wildfires destroy thousands of homes and businesses all over the United States. This is why it is so important to be aware of the potential for wildfires and to always take steps to prevent a fire from spreading. Before starting any type of fire, it is important to do a couple of things:

  1. Comply with all local laws and regulations. Many municipalities have laws governing burning of all kinds including time of day, time of year, and what substances can be burned.
  2. Check the weather. It is never a good idea to engage in any type of burning if there are high winds. Wind can act as both an accelerant and can spread the fire. In addition, check your states most current fire danger rating system, which will explain any areas’ susceptibility to fires and any extra precautions that may be necessary. The Wildland Fire Assessment System provides a frequently updated map that shows the current fire danger rating for each state.
  3. Only use easily controlled locations for burning. Make sure all campfires occur in fully surrounded fire pits and limit the size of all fires. No matter how something is being burned, it is important to do it in a controlled area. Fires can quickly get out of control, so it is necessary to have it in an area that will provide some containment so it can be extinguished if needed.
  4. Do not burn anything unusual or combustible. It is common for people to throw garbage or other things into campfires, but these foreign materials can occasionally react violently to fires and lead to a quickly spreading fire. Only burn organic materials such as wood, leaves, or yard waste. Cardboard and paper items are usually acceptable to burn, but make sure it is safe before doing so.

Veteran Flag Display Information
PLEASE CLICK HERE to download the Veteran Flag Display List

PLEASE CLICK HERE to download the Flag Location Key

Flags are displayed twice annually for a week before and a week after both Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.

Files are saved as Adobe PDF and require Adobe Reader. 

Ringgold Informer
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Solid Waste Collection for the City of Ringgold

The City of Ringgold has an automated garbage collection system. This service is provided to residents and some small businesses inside the city limits of Ringgold. Residents and eligible businesses are provided one (1) 95-gallon trash can, which is the property of the City of Ringgold. Smaller trash cans (65 gallon) are available upon request, but we have a very limited number. This is a free service; however, there is a small fee for additional cans and a monthly charge to businesses only, with more than the one trash can.

Your collection day is based upon which side of the town you live on. Tuesday pick-ups include the west side of the underpass, such as Clearview Drive, Creeks Bend Drive and Welcome Hill area and for Chestnut Ridge Subdivision, Creekview Subdivision, Canyon Cove and Woodchuck Estates. Friday pick-ups include the east side of the underpass, such as Lafayette Street, Nashville Street and Tennessee Street, and Bluffview Subdivision. Businesses that the City’s picks up will be every Tuesday. If you are unclear as to what day your garbage will be picked up, please call Ringgold City Hall at (706) 935-3061.

Where do I need to place my trash can?

On your pick up day, you must have the trash can out by 7:30 a.m. and removed by that evening. The can must be facing the road so the lid will open up toward the road. The trash can cannot have anything within 3 feet of it, such as a mailbox, vehicle, etc. All trash must be bagged, this will help control debris from littering your neighborhood.

What do I do if my garbage was not picked up?

There could have been a number of reasons why your garbage was missed, please consider the following:

  • Was the trash can out by 7:30?

  • Was all the garbage in the can, not sitting around it or on top of it?

  • Was the trash can turned in the right position?

  • Was the trash can too close to something, vehicle, mailbox, etc…?

  • Was there other debris besides normal household garbage inside or beside the can?

The City of Ringgold prides itself on making sure all residents have regular uninterrupted garbage service. We do our best to make sure all garbage is picked up; however, we do rely on the residents to do their part to insure proper service. If your garbage was missed, please contact City Hall at (706)935-3061.

What if my normal pick-up day is on a holiday?

The City of Ringgold will make every effort notify it’s residents and businesses in changes of the garbage schedules. The City has several different ways of notication, such as advertising the change in the Catoosa County News, putting a notice on your water bill, advertising on the local TV stations, and there will be a notice on the public board at City Hall. If you have any questions regarding holiday pick-up you can call Ringgold City Hall at (706)935-3061.

What if I do not have a City issued trash can at my home?

If your home is newly constructed you would need to come by Ringgold City Hall at 150 Tennessee Street, Ringgold, Georgia to request one to be delivered to you.  If you are moving into an existing home, there should already be a trash can there. If the can is missing, please contact the previous owner for it and ask that the can be returned.

What do I do if my trash can is damaged or stolen?

The can is property of the City and if your trash can is damaged or stolen you need to contact Ringgold City Hall at (706)935-3061. The City will try to repair a damaged can. If the can is stolen then a police report must be filed in order to receive a new can.

What if my trash can is not large enough for my household or business?

If you need an extra trash can there is a $60.00 fee, per extra can. For regular households this is a one-time fee and if you move you will need to contact City Hall at 706/935-3061 to have the extra can picked up. The $60.00 fee is non refundable. Businesses can also have an extra can with the same $60.00 fee; however, there is a $15.00 monthly charge added to your water bill per extra can for businesses.

Brush, Debris and Leaf Collection for residents only

The City of Ringgold provides brush, debris and leaf collection once a week limited to normal household amounts. Please call City Hall at (706)935-3061 to be placed on the schedule. If you have brush and debris please keep those separated.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: The City will pick up a maximum of "one dump truck load" of brush and junk every two (2) weeks free of any charge.  (Note: this service is furnished only when the homeowner does the work themselves. Private contractors must dispose of all items themselves.) For an additional (non-commercial) load or portion of a load, a charge of $150.00 per load will be required.  The payment for this collection will be due prior to the time of pickup; Payable at City Hall, 150 Tennessee Street, Ringgold, GA.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Every Wednesday (excluding Holidays): Brush only This would include trees, grass clippings, bushes. (The City will not dispose of brush cut by a professional or unprofessional person working for hire.)

  • Every Wednesday (seasonal and excluding Holidays): Leaf Vacuum. The City has a leaf vac system in which we will come and vacuum leaves. THIS IS DONE BY REQUEST ONLY. When you are ready for your leaves to be vacuumed call City Hall (706)935-3061 for details.

  • Every Thursday (excluding Holidays): Debris Removal. The City will pick up items to take to the landfill for you. We will pick up anything the landfill will accept.

On your scheduled day have your items to be collected out by the curb by 7:30 a.m. There cannot be anything within 3 feet of the debris due the mechanical arm being moved around to pick up your items. If these pick up days fall on a holiday the City will not pick up until the next regular scheduled pick up day.

If you have any questions, please contact Ringgold City Hall at (706)935-3061.

Illegal Garbage Transferring

Under City Ordinance '54-1 no person shall transfer garbage to any place within the City for the purpose of disposal at the location other than that person's own residence. The penalty for each violation of this section shall be as prescribed in section 1-11 of the City of Ringgold's ordinance. The Chief of Police or his lawful assistant, the Mayor, City Manager, or Code Enforcement Officer shall be authorized to issue a citation for a violation of this section, requiring the offender to show cause in the municipal court why the penalties provided for subsection should not be imposed.

Reporting a Junk Vehicle
A junk vehicle is any car, truck, boat or other motor vehicle that is stored outside (okay if in an 
garage) and meets one of the following criteria:
• Vehicle(s) appears inoperable (wrecked, flat tire , missing motor, transmission , or other parts)
• No current registration and license plate (expired tag)

JUNKED VEHICLES POSE A HAZARD to the neighborhood, an attractive nuisance to children and blight in the neighborhood. Junk vehicles can present a contamination hazard to the ground with leakage of hazardous wastes, including fuel, motor oil, freon, and other fluids. Junk vehicles often kill the grass underneath the vehicle and make the yard appear unsightly. An accumulation of junk vehicles can also lower or hold down property values in the neighborhood.

TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM vehicles(s) should be repaired, properly registered, tagged, placed inside a garage or removed from the premises. (Vehicle must be be able to be driven on highways of this state immediately upon request by police office or other City official.)

OTHER CORRECTIVE OPTIONS INCLUDE contacting a salvage yard to remove the vehicle; or donating the vehicle(s) to a charity such as the National Kidney Foundation of Georgia who may remove the vehicle at no cost to the owner. The owner may also qualify for a tax deduction for the vehicle’s value.

A JUNK VEHICLE IS A CODE VIOLATION! If the violation is not corrected, a citation may be issued to the owner requiring an appearance at Municipal Court. The maximum penalty is $1,000 and/or 60 days in jail.

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR; do not permit a junk vehicle to be stored on your property and call to report locations of junk vehicles in your neighborhood.

TO REPORT A POSSIBLE VIOLATION, or to obtain more information, please call the City of Ringgold, Code Enforcement Department at (706) 935-3061.

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